20th Annual Conference 2017

20th Anniversary Conference and AGM

Supporting Our Unique Builders for 20 Years

The BC Log & Timber Industry Association, 2017 20th Anniversary Conference was a three-day event (February 23 to 25, 2017) that provided BC log and timber builders with education and training pertinent to today's log and timber building industry business climate.Workshops and seminars were provided in the areas of technical skill development; business financial coaching in the application of end user taxes; business risks and insurance coverage; HPO and New Home Warranty issues, how to avoid warranty claims and customer service; marketing skill enhancement - moving passive marketing activities to an active marketing campaign with tangible, measurable results. Additional practical skill development workshops for hand planing including a hand planing competition and joint testing with explanations on how the strength of a joint is analyzed and calculated in the engineering field. Two sessions were held on energy code compliance and meeting the code through trade-offs and how using a certified energy consultant can assist the builder and the customer in achieving compliance and an energy efficient building by choosing the best efficient and cost effective option when picking energy efficient trade-offs

Planing Competition

Team Daizen organized and assisted participants in an educational and fun planing competition and even loaned the participants their expertly sharpened planers for the competition. It was all about having fun, but also, to open the door for participants to explore a new skill as a wood worker. Learning the fine art of hand planing is always the dream of the wood worker, and every one that tried their hand at it was excited with their results.

Check out Daizen's Video of this fun event 

Joint Testing

Presented by Dai Ona and his team from Daizen Joinery, testing included a simple withdraw test with screws and epoxy to feel how much capacity this supplement fastener had. Dai also tested wood to wood type joints such as a mortise and tenon joint to test and see where and how it fails and when it breaks. This workshop helped everyone gain an understanding of how strength is analyzed and calculated in the engineering field and was really exciting to watch.

Check out the Daizen Video from this event.

Great Friends, Cool Tools, Awesome Demonstrations, Great Food = Great Conference

Our 20th Anniversary Conference was made possible by the generous support of our Industry Sponsors who have continue to support the BC LTBIA.  Please show our sponsors your appreciation for their support by giving them your business!