March 25, 2021 Workshop Roundtable Seminar - COMPLETE

Seminar 1 of the BC LTBIA Workshop Seminar Series

We would like to thank all participants and our presenters, Peter Sperlich and Kelly Marciniw, for helping make our first ever Virtual Roundtable Workshop Seminar such a great success. You can watch the seminar here.

This seminar brought industry members, suppliers, and partners together to discuss 2 vital topics in our industry and strategize solutions and objectives. Participants then broke into separate breakout rooms to discuss their chosen topics and define action items for the BC LTBIA to share and pursue.

March 25 Workshop Roundtable Topics

1. Fibre Acquisition: Fibre Challenges and Long-term Supply Chain Solutions -Peter Sperlich of Canadian Pride Log and Timber Products

Peter provided a 20-minute presentation providing insights and observations from his years of experience in the industry. He gave some examples and tools he has found beneficial as well as a key strategy that has worked for him, educating people of amount of employment created by our industry. He also touched on BC Wood’s recent supply-chain solutions study grant approval and discussed First Nations relationships and partnerships. View Peter’s presentation here.

2. Energy Carbon Policy: Where we are and where it is going - Kelly Marciniw, Pan-Abode International

Kelly discussed what “low carbon” actually is and how it impacts the lifecycle of buildings and our members’ products, as well as discussing the different metrics for the BC Energy Step Code – air tightness (ACH), mechanical energy use intensity (MEUI), and thermal energy demand intensity (TEDI). The BC LTBIA board has been working with the BC government to recognize the environmental and low-carbon benefits surrounding predominantly log homes and structures. Currently log homes are lumped in with all other types of structures with regards to energy efficiency in building codes as there isn’t a lifecycle or low embodied carbon requirement. You can view Kelly’s presentation here.