Completed Workshop Seminar Summaries

Seminar 1 of the BC LTBIA Workshop Seminar Series - March 25, 2021

We would like to thank all participants and our presenters, Peter Sperlich and Kelly Marciniw, for helping make our first ever Virtual Roundtable Workshop Seminar such a great success. You can watch the seminar here.

This seminar brought industry members, suppliers, and partners together to discuss 2 vital topics in our industry and strategize solutions and objectives. Participants then broke into separate breakout rooms to discuss their chosen topics and define action items for the BC LTBIA to share and pursue.

March 25 Workshop Roundtable Topics

1. Fibre Acquisition: Fibre Challenges and Long-term Supply Chain Solutions -Peter Sperlich of Canadian Pride Log and Timber Products View Peter’s presentation here.

2. Energy Carbon Policy: Where we are and where it is going - Kelly Marciniw, Pan-Abode International. You can view Kelly’s presentation here.

Seminar 2 of the BC LTBIA Workshop Seminar Series - April 22, 2021

John Boys of Nicola Log Works discussed the nuts and bolts of sealing a house. As energy efficiency, conservation and BC Building Code continue to intimately affect our industry, gaskets, chinking, tapes, membranes, and all things building envelope are more crucial now than ever. Blower door tests will soon be mandatory for most log homes built in BC.

John presented on materials and methods for log homes, with a focus on gasket options. We would like to thank all participants and our presenter, John Boys of Nicola Log Works, for sharing such valuable information on this topic. You can watch the seminar here.

Seminar 3 of the BC LTBIA Workshop Seminar Series - May 20, 2021

Presented by Rothoblaas

Philipp Greenfield, Technical Salesman Canada West gave 2 informative presentations: Staying On Brand and, Timber Projects Big and Small

Watch the seminar 3 here.

Seminar 4 of the BC LTBIA Workshop Seminar Series - June 24, 2021

Export Navigator and the Trade Commissioner Service

Export Navigator was designed to help businesses located in non-metropolitan areas. If your business is looking to grow and is located in one of our regions (outside of Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria), we can help you on your export journey!

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies navigate the complexities of international markets. If you want your business to grow internationally, tap into our expertise.

Watch seminar 4 here!