2016 Annual Conference A Great Success

Posted on March 15, 2016

2016 Annual Conference A Great Success

Workshops and seminars delivered provided capacity building learning experiences for BC log and timber builders in the areas of Business Development Skills, Marketing and Promotion Skills, and Trade/Craft Skills.  Specific areas targeted were technical skill development; business financial coaching in the application of end user taxes; marketing skill enhancement in the area of supporting the company Brand with Photography and Video and Linking Business Strategies to Branding and Marketing.  Additional practical skill development workshops for maintaining sharp edge tools and photography were delivered to provide hands-on training elements to the conference.  Workshops and discussions were also held around building to the Energy Code standards and unique post and beam construction techniques.

With over 50 individuals attending this informative conference (a 25% increase in over last year!), the workshops and seminars were very well attended.  Feedback after each session was very positive and the information provided seemed very well received.  Attendees also took part in the annual auction, which was the definitely the highlight of the conference.  The auction brought in over $14,000 and could not have been done without the generous donations of our sponsors.

Without our sponsors and the cooperation and resources provided by BC Wood and the Company Specific Project Funding, this conference would not have been possible.  The conference is a vital source of information and learning for the log and timber builders that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to obtain.

The BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association members and industry representatives would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the industry and look forward to next year’s conference!