Evergreen Timber Frame Co.

Among our project management team we have over 50 years of collective experience in managing and navigating residential and small commercial building projects. We’ve built homes and structures all over BC from the remotest villages on the coast to down town Kitsilano in Vancouver. We’ve even recently managed a complete reclamation of a decommissioned elementary school in Campbell River. And with the owner of this “former school” we are embarking on the re-purposing of those building components into a state of the art 10,000sq.ft.+ commercial aqua-ponics green house (fish and vegetables).

We offer over the phone or onsite consulting services with a straight forward contract that doesn’t hold you hostage. If you want to buy 3 hours of time from us you can.

We do site visits and can offer site supervision/crew leads but much of our work is done over the phone. We are paid for having a critical eye. Working as an independent third party on projects we ensure the builders you’ve hired are engaged and are on track to meet your expectations.

Call us for a no obligations consultation.


Timber Framers

Contact Details

Contact Person: George Gabara

Phone: Office 250-337-5377
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
PO Box 268
Merville, BC V0R 2M0

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