unBEATable School of Log Construction

Beat Schwaller - Instructor
My goal is to present you with the most up-to-date techniques and details of the modern handcrafted log construction industry, teaching you knowledge to either build your own cabin or give you the foundation for finding a job in the log home building industry.

Originally born, raised and trained in Switzerland, Beat Schwaller, also known as Timber King Beat, of the HGTV television reality series, Timber Kings, came to Canada in 1993 after successfully completing his education and apprenticeship in carpentry. His desire was to master the art of log building and expand his love of creating beautiful structures from massive wood. Beat, an artisan by nature, went to work with a well-known hand-crafted log building company in Williams Lake in 1993. Starting at the entry level position of peeling logs, Beat learned how to read a log’s features and perfected his eye for placement in a project. He quickly showed his employers his natural talent, exceptional woodworking skills and incredible work ethic and before long Beat had mastered the trade, managing projects and supervising and training new employees.

3-week Comprehensive Log Building Course
This course is hands on and students will get as much out of it as they put into it. Students will be working chainsaws and log building tools for the majority of each class day. The hands-on practical nature of this course requires students to engage in heavy physical work, outdoors in seasonal weather conditions. It is demanding and physically draining work. Students will learn to peel logs, scribe and fit naturally shaped logs to each other; how to safely use all tools and equipment used in the handcrafting of the class log shell project. Students will have practice logs to train on until a satisfactory level of skill is achieved in fitting the practice pieces. After reaching the required skill level, the student(s) will work on logs for placement on the class cabin project. The diamond corner notch will be taught during this course. Students will also be introduced to understanding and reading a plan, and how to select the logs for placement on the log structure.

1-week Roof Systems Course
This course is optional but can only be taken by students who have completed the Comprehensive Log Building Course. Students will learn how to do roof element calculations as well as explore design criteria in determining the elevation and lengths for all roof components. They will then put these methodologies to use in practical application by constructing and installing the actual roof.

Roof Systems Course content includes: Basic layout calculations and actual layout and construction of all the pieces for a roof system. Calculating post length and slabbing all the required flats.



unBEATable School of Log Construction

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