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Work more efficiently with the best specialty power tools and high quality hand tools for timber framing, carpentry and log building. Find a SwissPRO or HEMA Chain Mortiser, Chain Slotter,hand-held Portable Band Saw or Chain Beam Saw- Essential power tools with European engineering for your Timber Frame construction project. EuroHand forged chisels, slicks, flarens and other wood cutting tools with incredible edge holding capability from our own BUFFALO TOOL FORGE have been enthusiastically embraced by our customers. We are aiming to forge about 1000 new tools this year.

The remarkable Belgian Blue and Ardennes Coticule whetstones will keep your tools sharpened to a fine edge.

Contact Timber Tools for all your specialty tool needs. Whether you're a log builder, timber framer,or carpenter, our power tools, hand tools and services will make your job easier and more efficient.


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