Insulspan, Division of Plasti-fab Ltd

Insulspan, a division of Plasti-Fab Ltd., located near Vancouver, B.C, specializes in Structural Insulated Panels(SIPs); providing 3D design modeling, CNC fabrication, ISO registered quality control, ‘Ready To Assemble’ (RTA) components, and site advisory services to both residential and commercial customers in the United States and Canada.

Insulspan is also the only SIP manufacturer listed under the ICC ES evaluation code for seismic zones D,E and F.

Insulspan’s SIPs come in many standard thicknesses and have an area of up to 8’ x 24’ sq. ft. resulting in flush, continuous spans. The panels are completely pre-fabricated and ‘Ready to Assemble,’ resulting in considerable time saved on-site, and also cost savings associated with reduced energy consumption after the job is complete.


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