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Dürfeld Log & Timber has specialized in log Post and Beam construction for more than 40 years. The depth of our experience is displayed in our craftsmanship and enables us to execute your concept to the very highest standards – no matter how challenging your project may be. In depth collaboration with our clients, master craftsmanship and an emphasis on sustainability are the foundation for the work we do.

At Dürfeld Log & Timber, we have the desire and ability to push the parameters of building with logs in their natural form. Our theoretical process, coupled with meticulous fit and finish, produces precise tolerances while honouring and featuring the log's natural shape. This enables us to integrate our logs into any building style and seamlessly interface with all other building mediums, including stick frame, steel, concrete, and mass timber. We continue to nurture the skill development of our staff and encourage their creativity as crafters while pushing the level of technical detail in each project.

Fine grain Western Red Cedar – ‘the tree of life’ in Northwest Coast Indigenous Cultures - is the primary building material we use. Cedar has a low shrinkage factor, is resistant to insects and decay, and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its overall dimensional stability. We air dry all logs before using them in our building program to ensure the most stable fit and finish.


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Dürfeld Log & Timber

Contact Person: Ric Dürfeld

Phone: 250-398-0041
Email: [email protected]

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530 Sunset Drive
Williams Lake, BC V2G 2Y9

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4484 Cariboo Highway 97 North
Williams Lake BC

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