Kootenay Energy Advisor

Ray Smith, a certified energy advisor for 9 years, based out of the Kootenays provides professional energy advisory services for construction projects throughout British Columbia.

Ray has been in construction all his working life, starting as a tradesman and then going on to become a senior construction site manager in England working on a variety of projects including schools, leisure centres, laboratories and student accommodation blocks.

For the 8 years prior to moving to Canada, in 2007, Ray was a registered home-builder, designing and building very energy efficient houses, using many of the technologies now being promoted in BC. These include extra insulation, air tightness, triple glazed windows, heat recovery ventilation, heat pumps, solar and wind.

Ray's own house was built close to passivehaus standard and also incorporated solar and wind for hot water and electricity generation.

Ray is very passionate regarding energy efficiency, the environment and ‘green’ building and is constantly researching ways and technologies to improve the standards that we use to build with, and looks forward to the day when “green “ building develops into just’building’



Contact Details

Contact Person: Ray Smith

Phone: 250-427-0008
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
519 Forest Crowne Drive
Kimberly, BC
V1A 0A4

Physical Address:
519 Forest Crowne Drive
Kimberly, BC
V1A 0A4

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